Held in English

This private calligraphy art lesson is based on "one to one" lesson and is tailored to individual level and interest.

Explore the dynamics of brush and ink on paper, and enjoy creating contemporary calligraphy art in your own style using traditional Japanese Shodo and Sumi-e (ink painting) tools and techniques.

ASOBO LAB focused on:
Playful mind
Mindful process
Experimental approach
Experiential practice

Place: Prinsesse Charlottes Gade 16, 2200 KĂžbenhavn N

- Offering Individually-designed lessons

- No prerequisites - no previous calligraphy experience is needed.

- For ALL ages from 8 years old

- Held in English

- Sign up two weeks in advance of the class date

Fee: 600 kr per lesson - All materials are included

** Single TRIAL lesson : 200 kr

SIGN UP: hello@asobolab.net
Write to hello@asobolab.net with your name, lesson date/s and time you wish to atten.
*Consecrative week period is recommended for an effective progress.

You are welcome to try a specific project, please make a note of it. If you wish to book other date/s (weekends for example) for a special arrangement to fit your schedule, please let me know.

Fude - Japanese calligraphy brush
Hanshi - Japanese Calligrpahy paper
Gasenshi - Japanese ink painting paper
Suzuri - Ink case