Calligraphy Art Experience


Calligraphy Art Experience (CAE) for businesses

In calligraphy, there is ink, breathing, concentration and harmony with the moment. CALLIGRAPHY is a meditative artistic practice with a rich cultural history through the centuries. This practice can be used to help step back from hectic daily activity and to reset mind and body through calligraphy practice in a calm setting for optimal performance at work place with ease in a mindful way. CHIAKI guides you to the world of calligraphy art blending traditional Japanese shodo calligraphy techniques and contemporary drawing techniques.

This experience is tailored for private to corporate businesses as an alternative to other corporate offsite/after work activities such as teambuilding and retreat programs.

This offer is suitable for a small group. 

*5 persons minimum, 10 persons max per session

[ Process ]
1. An introduction to the experience (with a short meditation)
2. Experience the Calligraphy to focus mind and strengthen concentration to be present while being in a relaxed state of mind.
3. Review and reflect the experience.

*Held in English (basic Danish or French as option)

Programs (examples)
2 hr program (for teambuilding/offsite)
Introduction/warm-up – 15 min
Calligraphy – 90 min
Reflection/review –15 min

3 hr program (for offsite/retreat)
Introduction/warm-up – 15 min
Calligraphy 1 – 45 min
(Break – 10 min)
Calligraphy 2 – 45 min
(Break – 5 min)
Calligraphy final work – 30 min
Reflection/review – 30 min

About Instructor CHIAKI
Tokyo born calligrapher/designer with background in fine arts and media arts via New York.
Hold BFA in Fine arts, Msc in Medialogy, Creative Art Therapy Certificate
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Sign up & Fee
Please ask for fees and request at least 1 month in advance to ensure a suitable location, materials and staff for a offer.

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