Held in English (basic Danish or French as option)

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In calligraphy, there is ink, breathing, concentration and harmony with the moment.
Breathe in, bring your mind back to your body. A brush as an instrument to express
yourself in this moment and nurture your creativity like making visible music
composition with brush and ink. Calligraphy is a meditative art form with a rich
history and its strength is not just as a past time, but also as a promising
development into the wellness culture.

Making calligraphy art is a mindful activity that involves one’s skill, energy and spirit
that enhances well-being across ages. I guide you to the world of calligraphy art
using both traditional Japanese shodo calligraphy and contemporary drawing
techniques. My pleasure to share the joy of art of writing and drawing with you.

I offer group lessons (60-90 minutes) and private lessons (90 minutes) that
tailored to individual’s interest.

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Through Calligraphy art experience:
- Discover new expressions with brush and ink
- Relax your mind
- Focus your mind
- Be in touch with your creativity

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