ASOBO LAB designs hands-on creative art workshops for for adults, children, families, corporations and institutions.
The workshops incorporate Japanese art inspired art forms in practice with the following focuses:

Playful mind
Mindful process.
Experimental approach
Experiential practice



OSMA (Origami Stop Motion Animation) is a combination of origami making and stop motion animation production. This combination offers children an unique creative experience between hands-on craft art and digital film making.

The main focus of the workshop is making origami set from scratch using modular origami method that involves making paper models by assembling single unit or several units of origami piece to create a larger and complex models like assembling LEGO pieces. Making the origami pieces into stop motion animation by handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets using an app called STOP MOTION.  The animation is the end result of the production.

This workshop can be designed for adults, children and families.

Workshop at Danish Film Institute 2019




ASOBO LAB offers calligraphy art workshops for cultureal festivals in your city. Demonstration, Live Calligraphy and hands- on workshop.

( Attending Sakura festival in Copenhagen Denmark annualy )